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Reveal the truth of the flying objects of the Gods in the Bible
Reveal the truth of the flying objects of the Gods in the Bible
Trinitarianism which is not in the Bible must be abolished immediately
Trinitarianism which is not in the Bible must be abolished immediately
Under the guide of the Creator Yahweh, Prophet Rael visited the kingdom of heave
Under the guide of the Creator Yahweh, Prophet Rael visited the kingdom of heave
Rael, the Messiah as predicted in the Bible, is already among us
Rael, the Messiah as predicted in the Bible, is already among us
A symbol of Pax Cultura carved on the arms of Messiah Rael
A symbol of Pax Cultura carved on the arms of Messiah Rael
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The final judge and the Huge computer
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The truth of 666
The prototype of the cause and baptism of the forehead = 144,000 =
Activities of Messiah Rael
Activities of Messiah Rael
Messiah Rael's warning and the future of mankind
Messiah Rael's warning and the future of mankind
The message of the Messiah Rael
The message of the Messiah Rael











Under the guide of the Creator Yahweh, Prophet Rael visited the kingdom of heaven (experiencing civilization which has a 25,000 years advanced science)
Heaven is the planet of the eternal life of the Creators ELOHIM


This unit tells briefly that Messiah Rael in order to visit the immortal planet that advanced 25,000 years ahead of the Earth, he rode a UFO- an immortal planetary vehicle, and passed through the “space station” at midnight of on October 7, 1975 in France. After arriving at the immortal planet and experiencing the wondrous super-scientific civilization there, he was named as the last prophet of mankind, the Messiah, by the immortal planetary chairman Elohim, in the presence of many Immortals and reborn prophets, Here is a brief introduction to all the processes that he left the planet and returned to France in the night after receiving the mission. (Intelligent Design: pp. 147-149)

《 "Visit Heaven and Meet the Creator Elohim" 》

On October 7th, at around eleven o’clock at night, I felt a sudden urge to go out and look at the sky. I dressed warmly because it was rather cool and set out walking in the dark. I was going in a certain direction without being conscious of it, and suddenly felt the need to go to a spot that François had shown me during the summer – a deserted place between two brooks and surrounded by forest. It was called the Roc Plat.

Le Roc Plat, near Brantome, Perigord region, 1975-10-7


I reached it around midnight, half wondering what I was doing there, but following my intuition since I had been told that I could be guided telepathically. The sky was magnificent, and stars were shining everywhere, for there was not a single cloud to be seen. As I stood watching the shooting stars, the whole countryside suddenly lit up, and I saw a huge ball of fire, like a spark, appear behind some bushes. I moved towards the place where the ball of fire had appeared, filled with a tremendous joy, as I was almost certain of what I was going to find.

The same craft that I had seen on six occasions in the month of December 1973 was there in front of me, and the same person I had met two years earlier came towards me with a smile full of kindness. I noticed one difference right away. He no longer had on the spacesuit that had seemed to make a halo around his face the first time. After all the time I had spent trying to make the world understand that I was indeed telling the truth, I was wonderfully happy to see once more the person who had been responsible for turning my life upside down. I bowed before him, and he spoke.

‘Stand up and follow me,’ he said. ‘We are very satisfied with you and with everything you have done for the past two years. It is now time to pass on to the next stage, since you have proven to us that we can trust you.These two years were in fact just a trial. You can see that today I have no protection around my face, and that my craft appeared to you all at once and was not equipped with flashing lights. All of that was only intended to reassure you, so that I would appear in a way that corresponds to the image that you generally have of space travelers. But now that you are sufficiently evolved not to take fright, we won’t use such approach techniques any more.’

Following him inside the craft, I noticed that its interior looked very similar to what I had found at our first meeting - walls with the same metallic appearance as the outside, no control board or instruments, no portholes, and a floor made of a translucent blue substance on which stood two armchairs. These were made of a transparent material that reminded me a little of inflatable plastic chairs, but without feeling unpleasant.



He invited me to sit down in one of the two chairs, settled into the other, and asked me not to move. He then pronounced a few words in an incomprehensible language, and I seemed to feel the machine rock slightly. Then all of a sudden, I felt a sensation of severe cold, as if my whole body were turning into a block of ice, or rather as if thousands of ice crystals were penetrating all the pores of my skin, right down to the marrow of my bones. It lasted a very short time, a few seconds perhaps, and I felt nothing after that.


Then my companion rose and said: ‘You may come, we have arrived.’

I followed him down the small stairway. The craft stood motionless in a metallic-looking circular room about fifteen meters in diameter and ten meters high. A door opened, and my guide told me to go in and undress completely. After that, I would receive further instructions. I went into a new circular room that did not have the slightest angle and must have been about four meters in diameter. I undressed, and a voice told me to go into the room that was in front of me.

At that moment a door opened, and I went into a room similar to the one where I had left my clothes, but it was long and a little like a corridor. Along the length of that corridor I passed under lights of different colors in turn. The voice then told me that by following the arrows painted on the floor, I would arrive in yet another room where a bath awaited me.

In this next room I did indeed find a sunken bathtub. The water was lukewarm, just right, and discreetly perfumed. The voice advised me to satisfy my personal needs, which I did, and then it asked me to drink the contents of a glass located on a small shelf by the metallic wall. It was a white liquid deliciously savored with almonds, and very cold. Then some soft, pajama-like clothes that felt like silk were offered to me. They were white, very close fitting, and had been laid out ready for me on another shelf. At last a final door opened, and I found my guide again. He was escorted by two people who were of similar appearance to him but with different features, and they were every bit as welcoming.

I rejoined them in a huge hall where I found wonder after wonder. It was arranged on several levels and must have measured 100 meters in diameter. It was covered by an absolutely transparent dome, so transparent that at first sight it was not clear even that it was a dome. Thousands of stars studded the dark sky, and yet the entire hall was brightly lit with a soft, natural looking light, as if it were midday. The floor was covered with furs and shaggy carpets of astounding, enchanting colors. The most admirable works of art were everywhere, each one more beautiful than the last, and some had animated and changing colors. Elsewhere there were plants - some bright red and others blue, as beautiful as exotic fish but several meters tall. Background music was playing that sounded like an organ and a musical saw, with occasional choirs and bass voices producing extraordinary vibrations. This music made the flowers bend and sway in rhythm, and they changed colors with each change of musical style.

Every time someone spoke, the music grew softer so that we could hear each other without difficulty and without having to raise our voices. The air was perfumed with a thousand scents that also changed with the music and our positions in the room. The whole area had been designed with about ten angled corners, which were separated at different levels and each corner had a particular character. A small stream meandered through all this.

My guide’s two companions were showing him great respect, and the next thing he said to me was: ‘Follow me. We shall make ourselves comfortable, since I have many things to tell you.’
I followed him to a group of armchairs and sofas made of a very soft black fur, where all four of us sat down. There my guide spoke again: <Omitted>



The Other World 》

(Intelligent Design: pp. 159-161, excerpt 2)


‘You are probably wondering where you are,’ my guide said. ‘In fact, you are now on a base located relatively close to the Earth. In the first message, you noted that we traveled seven times faster than the speed of light. That was true 25,000 years ago when we landed on Earth. Since then, we have made much progress, and we now travel through space much faster. It only takes us a few moments to make the journey that used to take us almost two months in those times, and we continue to progress. If you will now follow me, we will take a little trip together.’

I rose and followed my three guides. We went through an airlock, and in a vast room I noticed a craft similar to the one that had brought me from Earth, but it was far larger. The exterior must have been about twelve meters in diameter, and inside it had four seats facing each other instead of just two. We sat down as before, and again I felt the same sensation of intense cold, but it lasted much longer this time - about ten minutes. Then the craft rocked slightly, and we stepped out through the trap door exit.

Before me a paradisiacal landscape unfolded, and in fact I cannot find any words to describe my enchantment at seeing huge flowers, each more beautiful than the last, and animals of unimaginable appearance were walking among them. There were birds with multicolored plumage, and pink and blue squirrels with the heads of bear cubs climbing in the branches of trees that bore both enormous fruits and gigantic flowers.

About thirty meters from the spacecraft, a small group of Elohim was waiting for us, and behind the trees I was able to make out a group of buildings that resembled brightly colored shells harmonizing perfectly with the vegetation. The temperature was very mild, and the air was perfumed with countless scents of exotic flowers. We walked towards the top of a hill, and a marvelous panorama began to appear. Innumerable small streams wound through the lush vegetation, and far off an azure sea sparkled in the sun.

Reaching a clearing, I discovered with great astonishment a group of people similar to me, by which I mean people resembling those who live on Earth, not Elohim. Most of them were naked or wore robes made of multicolored silks. They bowed respectfully before my three guides, and then we all sat down.

Our armchairs seemed to have been carved in the rock and were covered with thick furs that always remained fresh and comfortable despite the warmth. Some people came out of a small cave located right next to us and approached us carrying trays piled high with fruits, grilled meats accompanied by the most incredible sauces, and drinks of unforgettable flavors.

Behind each guest two of the men who carried the trays were kneeling ready to satisfy the slightest wish of those who were eating. The latter would ask them for whatever they desired without even looking at them.

During the meal some marvelous music had started up, from where I could not tell, and young naked women with figures as sculptural as those of the waiters started to dance with incomparable grace on the surrounding lawn.

There must have been some forty guests who were similar to people from Earth in addition to my three guides. There were white, yellow and black men and women who all spoke a language I could not understand that resembled Hebrew.

I was sitting to the right of the Eloha whom I had met two years earlier, and to the left of the six other Elohim.

Facing me sat a young bearded man, very handsome and very slim. He wore a mysterious smile and an expression filled with fraternal feeling.

To his right was a man with a noble face sporting a black beard that was very thick and very long. To his left was a more corpulent man with an Asian face. He had a shaven head.




Meeting the Ancient Prophets


‘In my first message I told you of a residence located on our planet where people from Earth can continue to live thanks to the scientific secret of eternity that is based on a single cell.

Among those people are Jesus, Moses, Elijah and so on. This residence is, in fact, very large, since it is an entire planet where the members of the Council of the Eternals live as well. My name is Yahweh, and I am the president of that Council of the Eternals.

There are currently 8,400 people from Earth living on the planet where we are at this moment. They are people who during their lives reached a sufficient level of open-mindedness towards the infinite, or who enabled humanity on Earth to progress from its primitive level through their discoveries, their writings, their ways of organizing society and their exemplary acts of fraternity, love or selflessness. Alongside them live the 700 Elohim members of the Council of the Eternals.

Whatever the outcome of your mission may be, you have your place reserved here among us in this veritable little paradise where everything is easy, thanks to science, and where we live happily and eternally. I can truly say eternally, for, as on Earth, we created all life here, and we are starting to understand perfectly the life of the infinitely large, that is to say, of the planets, and we can detect signs of old age in solar systems, which will enable us to leave this planet in time to create another paradise elsewhere, as soon as we grow anxious about its survival.

The eternals who live here, both people from Earth and Elohim, can fulfill themselves as they wish, without having to do anything but that which pleases them - scientific research, meditation, music, painting, and so on.

Or they can do nothing at all if they feel like it.

The servants you saw carrying the dishes a little while ago, as well as the dancers, are just biological robots. They are created according to the same principle we used to create the people of Earth in a totally scientific way, but they have been limited and are absolutely submissive to us.

They are also incapable of acting without orders from us, and they are very specialized. They have no aspirations of their own, and no pleasure, except those that are necessary for their specialization. They grow old and die like us, but the machine that makes them can make far more than we need. They are incapable of feelings or suffering, and cannot reproduce themselves.
Their life span is similar to ours - that is to say about 700 years with the help of a small surgical intervention.

When one of them must be destroyed due to old age, the machine that created them produces one or several others, depending on our needs. They come out of the machine ready to function and with their normal height, for they have neither growth nor childhood.
They only know how to do one thing: obey people from Earth and Elohim, and they are incapable of the slightest violence.
They can all be recognized by the small blue stone that both males and females wear between their eyes. They take care of the dirty jobs and do all the work that is uninteresting. They are produced, taken care of and destroyed underground where, in fact, all the maintenance work is done by such robots and by enormous computers that regulate all the problems of nourishment, supply of raw materials, energy and other things.





There, I have finished. You will be able to annotate all this by yourself once you have returned to Earth. Now enjoy this paradise a while longer, and we will take you back for you to complete your mission before returning to us for good.’

I remained there for several more hours, enjoying the many pleasures of that world, meandering amongst numerous fountains and enjoying the company of the great prophets whom I had met the day before during meditation sessions.

Then, after a last meal taken with the same people as the day before, I found myself once again in the large vessel, which set me down at the observation station. From there I retraced my route of the day before, and found myself with my clothes in the small craft, which dropped me off where it had picked me up, at Roc Plat. I looked at my watch - it was midnight.

I returned home, where I immediately set to work to write down all that I had been told. Everything was perfectly clear in my mind, and I was surprised to find that I was writing it all at one stroke, recalling without any hesitation the sentences I had heard. The words remained as if engraved in my mind just as I had been told they would at the beginning.







In Oct. 7th 1975 the Messiah Rael was invited to the planet of eternal life of the Creators ELOHIM, which is 25,000 years advanced, via 「the middle station」 between the planet of eternal life and the earth by boarding UFO of the Creator Yahweh. The Messiah Rael returned to the earth after he met many eternals and prophets who were recreated in the planet of eternal life, and experienced fantastic ultra scientific civilization. (Please refer to the details mentioned in <Intelligent Design>.)

The planet of eternal life is the Creators' planet which is a light year away from the earth, and the eternals literally enjoy eternal life thanks to biotechnology. Today earth scientists research the way to overcome death, whereas the Creators ELOHIM realized it so long time ago. There is no "heaven" where souls of the dead live together. Instead, actually "the planet of eternal life" where people enjoy eternal life with living bodies exist. If you read the Bible carefully, you will find out that the people who went to "heaven" at the age of old testament are only Enoch and Elijah, and not after death but while living. Jesus also resurrected into living body thanks to biotechnology and went to heaven after confirming his disciples.

“Heaven" is the place where people with their living bodies live forever, indicating the very planet of eternal life of the ELOHIM. Today people on the earth also research eternal life owing to biotechnology. Therefore it is time to get rid of the superstition of "heaven" which originated from primitive religion!


The model of the UFO the Messiah Rael boarded to the planet of eternal life on Oct. 7th, 1975