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No miracle, but science and technology exist
Noah's Ark is a three-storey spaceship
Crossing the Red Sea involved in science and technology (Repulsion Beam)
Reveal the truth of the flying objects of the Gods in the Bible
Reveal the truth of the flying objects of the Gods in the Bible
Trinitarianism which is not in the Bible must be abolished immediately
Trinitarianism which is not in the Bible must be abolished immediately
Under the guide of the Creator Yahweh, Prophet Rael visited the kingdom of heave
Under the guide of the Creator Yahweh, Prophet Rael visited the kingdom of heave
Rael, the Messiah as predicted in the Bible, is already among us
Rael, the Messiah as predicted in the Bible, is already among us
A symbol of Pax Cultura carved on the arms of Messiah Rael
A symbol of Pax Cultura carved on the arms of Messiah Rael
Revel the truth
The final judge and the Huge computer
Tree of Life and Flaming Sword
The truth of 666
The prototype of the cause and baptism of the forehead = 144,000 =
Activities of Messiah Rael
Activities of Messiah Rael
Messiah Rael's warning and the future of mankind
Messiah Rael's warning and the future of mankind
The message of the Messiah Rael
The message of the Messiah Rael











Activities of Messiah Rael

□ Creation of the International Raelian Movement

Prophet Rael (RAEL) is a publisher and reporter for a sports magazine in France and met creator Elohim on December 13, 1973 in Clermont-Ferrand, central France.



In a six-day interview, Creator Elohim dictated to the Prophet Rael a series of facts about the origins and future of mankind, and asked him to spread them around the world, and that give him the mission to build an embassy to allow Elohim to officially visit the earth.

Two years later on October 7, 1975, when the Prophet Rael met the creator Elohim for the second time, they took the prophet Rael to their planet by a flying saucer with a speed dozens of times faster than the speed of light, and experienced 25,000 years advanced scientific civilization, and he was appointed as the last ambassador of the Elohim and the last prophet of mankind, then he went back to the earth.

At the end of 1975, the Prophet Rael founded the International Raelian Movement in Geneva, Switzerland, as a spiritual leader, to fulfill what the creator Elohim requested.



□ Activities of Messiah Rael

His activities are summarized as follows.


《 "Progress Status of Great Project " 》 = Main Points =


On the French national TV in early 1974, he told the story about the meeting with the creator Elohim, and made a sensation in Europe. and after that he had held about 40 speeches and press conferences. In October 1975, after a visit to the other planet and returning back, in consideration that the mission was so great that he made a plan for the next big project. Among the contents promoted by the data, the following progress was made by the year.

◎ At December 1979: Creator Elohim informed seven world religious leaders of the coming of the Messiah at the same time by telepathy.

◎ December 31, 1979: After receieving the telepathy of the Creator Elohim, Rael informed the seven of them in mail that he was the Messiah recorded in ancient scriptures and that the Elohim had requested the building of an embassy near Jerusalem.

◎ Visiting Tokyo in 1980 and giving lectures and press conferences

◎ On May 16, 1983, Hanyang University Space Science Research Society invited him to give lectures (the Raelian Movement was first established in Korea)

◎ May 1989: The Raelian Movement held its official lecture in Jerusalem, which conveyed the message of the Elohim, the creator of mankind, to the Jews for the first time.

◎ August 1991: The Raelian Movement submitted an official request to the Israeli government to provide the Elohim embassy construction site.

◎ November 1991: Shunisen, a New York rabbi and a Judaic scholar, announced to Israel to prepare for the coming of the Messiah.

◎ December 5, 1991: The Raelian Movement sent a request for the construction of the Elohim embassy to Moda Elias, the highest rabant in Israel.

◎ January 1992: Moda Yahia, the highest rabbi in Israel, officially recognized the request for the construction of the Elohim embassy of the Raelian Movement. Since then, the construction of embassies has begun to be examined in earnest.

◎ Since 1992: The worldwide Raelian Movement has sent letters to the Israeli prime minister, politicians and diplomatic missionaries about the construction of the Elohim embassy.

◎ March 25, 1993: 11 am, in front of the Jerusalem Wailing Wall, the International Raelian Movement announced the Israelis all facts about the Elohim, and at the same time they announced that the last Messiah they were waiting for was already on Earth .
On this day, Israeli television broadcasted the event happened in front of Jerusalem's wailing wall, and some of the Israelites who witnessed the scene called the family of Antwerp, a large Jewish settlement in Belgium, that the Messiah had arrived. The Jews who lived in Antwerp who heard this news gathered the entire family on that evening and celebrated the coming of the Messiah.

◎ March 26, 1993: After the declaration of the International Raelian Movement in Jerusalem, on April 2, a UFO dropped into a home garden in Tel Aviv, Israel, leaving three circles and three stones .


Israeli newspapers
(three stones the UFO has left in the garden of the house)


◎ April 3, 1993: An incident occurred in a hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel. Members of the International Raelian Movement, who had held the March 25 ceremony in Jerusalem, returned back to their hotel in Tel Aviv, where they had a Jewish Rabbi visit.

He said that Israel presumes that he is the Messiah, but he is not a Messiah, but a rabbi of Judaism in New York. He also believes that what Rael and you told is true, and that if the Israeli government does not accept this fact, he will resign the Rabbi.

◎ July 1993: The Israeli government conducted a special investigation committee on the activities of the International Raelian Movement and Rael, and the committee submitted the following report to the authorities: 'Do not ban the activities of Rael, who created the International Raelian Movement and is building the embassy of the Creator Elohim, in case he is a true Messiah from space, and two Jewish rabbis acknowledged him as the Messiah.

For this, the International Raelian Movement said that Israel would disappear from the ground if Israel do not cooperate with the construction of the embassy requested.

Judaism in Israel hung up the banner of welcoming Messiah


◎ January 25, 1994: The International Raelian Movement announced that it had requested Egyptian President to build an embassy in preparation for the Israeli government's refusal to build an embassy for Elohim, and he expressed great interest. In addition, the Egyptian government has informed that if Israel does not provide embassy sites in Jerusalem, it will provide the Egyptian territory Sinai (where Moses met Elohim about 3500 years ago).

◎ March 1994: Leon Mellul, International Jewish Socialist in the International Raelian Movement, sent another letter to Israel Prime Minister Rabin.

◎ Several years ago, Arafat's PLO Chairman received a message from Rael from the International Raelian Movement in Paris, which left Arafat said:

"In this message, there is a new clue of peace for Palestine and Israel." It was said Arafat's party, which received the message on that day, were all very delighted.

◎ March 28, 2001 : Speech on US Congress

◎ December 13, 2001, at the official invitation of President of Congo, Africa, he met with the President after arriving at Brazzaville by a private plane provided by the Congolese government.

◎ Press conference: We had a press conference more than a dozen times a year.

◎ August 6, 2015, Creator Elohim warned Israel through Prophet Rael that due to the anti-humanitarian acts of Israel on Palestinians, Israel would suffer a second DIASPORA (discrete). It warns that the probability of human self-destruction has reached 95.5% since complete destruction is not carried out.

◎ Seminars are held every year on each continent. The seminar lectures involves the future of advanced science, molecular biotechnology such as DNA, philosophy of life, and the future of the planet Earth. Particularly, this seminar is characterized by participation of world-renowned scientists as assistant instructors.


《 Infomation 》

Emblem of Raelian Movement


The symbol of infinity

The Star of David represents the infinity of space. The Elohim that created humans in the laboratory scientifically proved infinitely small and infinity big have the same structure. In the atoms in our fingers, there are countless galaxies, and there are innumerable intelligent livings in the galaxy. In the same way, our galaxy is part of a huge atom, and it is part of an enormous body of life. Like this, the universe extends indefinitely, meaning that "the above world is essentially the same as the underlying world."


The swastika (卍) indicates the infinity of time. Everything in the universe exists forever with its form changing. It is the same at infinity big level or infinity small level. Material and energy are the same, and there is no beginning or end. "Everything circulates." About 500 BC, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote, "Nothing is new, nothing is lost. But everything just changes its form. "



Spaceship on which Rael has boarded


The model of the UFO the Messiah Rael boarded to the planet of eternal life on Oct. 7th, 1975

Elohim's spacecraft (UFO)



Some activity photos










Sensual Meditation


Creator Elohim has systematized molecular biotechnology to make sensual meditation the best way forr human beings when they were create human beings.


In October 1975, when Messiah Rael visited the planet of Elohim, the Elohim passed on the Sensation Meditation to Messiah Rael. Messiah Rael wrote and published a book called “Sensation Meditation” to teach mankind how to reach arousal and harmony with infinity.



If only 30 years ago someone had said that computers would revolutionise our world, nobody would have believed him.

In technology, as in medicine and philosophy, we have progressed far beyond the post war concepts. The human mind is developing, and so it should since it is now perceiving its environment better and better. It creates and controls its property, it discovers new energy sources and it experiments with new techniques in all fields.

The general public’s reasoning has improved through its own changing culture as manifested by the conception of a more intellectual, a more sophisticated and a freer life.

But even more extraordinary is the evolution of our understanding of matter. Thanks to the efforts of our researchers, matter is becoming animate, it is getting closer to Man, it is spiritualising itself.

Previously, matter was considered to be the opposite of the mind. Today, thanks to the notable progress made in neuro-surgery and psychometric research, the activity of the brain is becoming more familiar and is losing its mystical character.

We now have information on brain functioning which puts old psychiatrical and psycho-analytical teachings right out of date.

This research never ceases to expand and, admittedly, it does worry the population; mainly because lay people make the mistake of speculating with only limited information, instead of trusting the plagiarised creative thinkers, that is to say, the researchers, beyond their hesitations and legitimate errors. For the first time in the history of our civilisation, science and spirituality are walking on the same path. They both have many points in common which leave mind and matter, mental and cerebral, inseparable.

We now know, for example, which brain areas are responsible for which behaviour patterns and that the brain makes its own natural opiates (the endorphines) which are released in particular circumstances, resulting in specific emotions. Now that we know their inhibitory and excitatory properties, we can begin to understand the functioning of the brain by observing how they affect behaviour.

The biochemical activity of the human brain seems to be so automatic and autonomous that we are increasingly tempted to consider it as a social organism within itself, capable of constant self-adjustment and auto-equilibration. Thus when something goes wrong with this balanced system, the only real solution is to enhance the quality of psychosomatic integration, that is to say, to improve the connection between mind and matter.




Spiritual awakening corresponds to a state of permanent availability existing between each neuro-biological function which makes up the energetic pathways of the brain, that is to say, when all parts of the brain are communicating.

The human being who has reached an optimum level of awakening can at all times mobilise and use the various levels of processing to analyse sensory information while the ordinary person cannot function in this psychological state.

‘ Permanent mental analysis’ precisely determines the quality of interconnection and communication between the regulation of the mind and the information received, ie, stemming from the perception of both the internal and external environment.

‘ In t e l l i g e n c e’ depends on the level of regulation and integration – it is defined by the genetic code and cannot be developed beyond its ceiling level. However, it is normally not exploited as much as it could be. To operate, it requires high quality input, particularly the perception of one’s internal and external world.

‘Sensuality’ is the capacity to perceive this environment. Sensory information is picked up through the five senses: vision, hearing, smell, touch, taste, along with the extra sense of telepathic perception.

The receptors of these senses generate pleasure and pass these images on to the central computer of the brain. Sensuality is the most important level of processing since it p rovides the basic material, faithfully re p roducing the information in both quality and quantity.

In order to create favourable conditions for a good mental functioning, a large number of methodologies and therapies h a ve sprung up such as psycho-analysis, techniques of relaxation, group sessions, alpha rhythms etc.

However, until now, no technique or method has existed which is aimed at awakening the mind by awakening the body, and thus using pure sensual energy to connect and bring cerebral consciousness to a cellular level. And yet this is the keystone itself.


Every organ and every gland of the human body is made up of cells, including the brain, the heart and the liver for example, and it is just as important for all of these organs to be, and to remain connected to the brain, so as to perceive the internal and external energetic variations. The whole of our general physiology is conditioned by ‘awareness of its position in space as related to its surroundings’ – a stomach which no longer knows its identity will forget part of its function and will make mistakes which will not necessarily be repaired or eliminated by the liver or the pancreas. It has been proven that most people who cannot swim would overcome their fear if they became aware of their body schema. The same applies to partial anorexics. The uses for physical awareness are unlimited and also concern everyone in perfect health who wishes to exploit his or her full potential.

The phenomenon of awakening produces a feeling of euphoria because the sensation of awareness invades us on a muscular level, reaches all of the vital organs, the respiratory and circulatory system, right even to the cellular level. It is a physiological state.

Sensual awakening gives rise to physical awakening. Sensuality along with sexuality, is part of the pleasure generating system and because of that, has been repressed for a long time, especially in our western culture.

And yet pleasure is such a natural and positive reaction. Human nature is built upon this system. In fact, the whole of biology seems to be based on this principle of pleasure. Not one action exists, both conscious or otherwise, which is done in order to avoid it. But since our morality exerts such a high level of repression, both unjustified and unjustifiable, we often follow roundabout and often unhealthy ways to achieve it. It is not by chance that a person’s basic needs are directly associated with pleasure when satiated. The feeling of pleasure is not only nice, but it is also indispensable since it regulates most of our bodies’ metabolic reactions, including those of our brain, and allows one to control one’s own development – an awakened person knows how to enjoy his sensuality.


Unfortunately, we cannot trigger the process of sensual and mental expansion at random or by improvising. Our sensuality has been atrophied by our affective inhibitions.

We need to relax to regulate our stress level and to satisfy our senses with colours, flavours and music... that too, is part of Man’s essential needs.
Our body needs to take its bearings of the space and time which it is in, and of the space and time of which it is composed.

When we locate our body in space, we link it to our brain via awareness of our environment, which includes people. When we situate our body, organs, limbs and glands, we also link them to the brain.

When we locate our cells mentally, we link them both to our brain and to each other via the brain, since through it, each organ can become aware of its position and therefore its role within the body.

We need to feel that we are THIS, that we are HERE, and for this we must learn quite simply how to feel oneself, in other words, to identify ourselves, but not with an accepted name or socially accepted title, but purely with personal sensations. Sensual Meditation allows this and much more. Though access to it requires an initiation, or rather, a sort of reconnection with our bodily and sensual schemata, its practice remains an intimate operation. This does not mean that one must be alone to meditate. In fact, the presence of people whom we love is always positive, but it is still true that from initiation to one’s ‘orgasm’, Sensual Meditation remains a highly personal experience in the sense that the sensations d e velop in a completely autarchic and self-sufficient atmosphere.

When meditating, it is as if the process of self-identification occurs automatically and it is precisely this self identification which carries us towards knowing ourselves.

The state of awakening is a state of mind in which creativity flourishes and what is more, it vastly improves the quality or our inter-human relationships. Meditating is not a complicated operation, one must first learn to encourage those sensations which eventually lead to the expansion of consciousness. As euphoria begins to penetrate into the body tissues, so does the proliferation of the muscular and nerve connections.

Then during eve ryday life between meditations, a psychological and physical well-being instills itself which adds a new dimension to life.
Sensual Meditations’ depth of understanding as taught by Raël, answers all of modern psychology’s deficiencies because it allows the awakening of the mind, the awakening of the body, and the fulfilment of sensuality.
It regulates our affectivity by reducing any frustrations while preserving our emotional life.

t gives rise to a phenomenon of natural re-equilibration of our metabolic system without any external intervention of medical drugs.
It is accessible to everyone.

It possesses, in my opinion, highly valuable curative and preventative qualities.


= The awakening of the body leads to the awakening of the mind =